Taylor invest in 2000 tonne giant

Taylor Engineering & Plastics (TEP) recently took delivery of a Negri Bossi VH2000 machine to increase their large size moulding capacity.

Negri Bossi VH2000 TEP

Originally named Taylor Patterns, the business was formed in 1949 as patternmakers and toolmakers to the automotive sector. Moulding and painting processes were introduced throughout the sixties and seventies to meet the emerging demands for OEM products requiring plastic enclosures. By 1977, TEP was established in its current format and continued its expansion with further injection moulding, structural foam moulding (ESF), DCPD technologies and the development of its painting and finishing facilities.

By offering the optimum choice of production processes in both thermoplastic and thermoset RIM materials, TEP provides a cost-effective solution to its customers’ polymer requirements.

Supported by the latest technology and best-practice quality systems, TEP now manufactures on 4 sites in Rochdale, Lancashire:

Site 1: Toolroom, Thermoplastic Injection, Structural Foam (ESF) and DCPD moulding

Site 2: Finish Painting and Assembly 1

Site 3: Finish Painting and Assembly 2

Site 4: DCPD Moulding, Finishing and assembly

Site 5: Stores & Logistics Centre

TEP operates injection moulding machinery up to 2700 tonnes and due to a recent increase in production requirements they installed a Negri Bossi VH2000 tonne machine. This installation has provided TEP with capacity to better service existing customers and at the same time provide opportunities for new customers.

Quote from TEP Chairman, Rodney Taylor “This current investment along with two smaller machines of 110 and 210 tonne will complement the existing wide range of moulding capability set alongside our Technical Coatings Division that will provide “A” Class finishes to Tier 1 OEMs across a broad range of industries.”

The new Negri Bossi Bi-Power VH2000 tonne giant is a two-platen hybrid machine with small footprint and very low energy consumption. The machine has an electric screw drive allowing all movements to be overlapped to reduce cycle times and provide a higher levels of productivity.