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Vector sT Injection Moulding Machine



Versatile • Productive

The VECTOR sT Series are 5-point double toggle clamp, hybrid injection moulding machines available in 650-, 800-, 1100- and 1300-tonne models. Injection units 4960 to 17000 feature an hydraulic motor driven screw rotation. Energy efficiency was at the forefront of the design consideration incorporating the very latest servo-pump technology, purpose built for injection moulding applications.

The VECTOR sT range is equipped with the MOTUS Multi-Touch Controller:

  • Innovative gesture navigation system incorporating swipe, scroll & zoom functions
  • Virtual object for axis movement based on gesture orientation (Patent Pending)
  • Modern, slim design with smartphone familiarity
  • Customisable interface to personalize screen and functions
  • Sequencer to create special cycles
  • Quick search function for parameter editing, graphical editing and analysis

Key features of the VECTOR sT servo hydraulic injection moulding machine include:

  • Fully digital POWERLINK control
  • Smart Flex clamping unit with generous tie bar spacing to accommodate larger moulds
  • Long ejector strokes
  • Robust in-line injection unit
  • Pressure on material – increased by over 15%
  • Injection speed – increased by over 25% with regeneration
  • AMICO 4.0 preparation




Vector sT Machine Specification sheet


• 5-point double toggle clamp
• Euromap or SPI platen configuration
• Hardened tie bars
• Moving platen guided by self-lubricating tie bar bushings
• Moving platen support feet
• Powered mould height control
• Automatic central lubrication system by means of electric pump
• Three‐stage mould closing speed profile
• Three‐stage mould opening speed profile
• Mobile plate pre‐feed
• Mould closing and opening stages governed through closed loop with proportional control valve
• Digital reading of moving platen position displayed on the operator interface
• Digital control and reading of cross‐head position displayed on the operator interface
• Digital reading of clamping force displayed on the operator interface
• Mould thickness and clamping force self‐adjustment
• Two-stage ejection speed profile with repeated ejection with adjustable speed, pressure and position
• Digital reading of ejector position displayed on the operator interface
• Ejector return signal
• Freely-programmable multiple core pulling control
• Air‐operated front gate

• Injection unit with in-line hydraulic cylinder
Electric motor for screw controlled by vectorial inverter
• Closed loop motor speed control
• Injection unit sliding on linear bearings
• Swivelling injection unit for easy plasticising screw removal and cleaning
• Quick barrel change system
• Bimetallic barrel
• General purpose screw profile, suitable for most types of thermoplastic materials
• Injection unit is driven by two cylinders to assure perfect nozzle centring
• Ceramic heater bands
• Alarm threshold for set temperature range
• Injection speed and pressure profiles
• Switch to holding pressure triggered by screw position, hydraulic pressure or time
• Digital reading of screw position displayed on the operator interface
• Adjustable screw rotation speed profile
• Screw rotation delay
• Adjustable back‐pressure profile
• Digital reading of back‐pressure displayed on the operator interface
• Decompression before and after screw recovery
• Intrusion moulding program
• Auto purge program
• Stainless steel hopper

• Variable delivery pump with closed loop proportional flow and pressure control
• Digital reading of hydraulic circuit pressure displayed on the operator interface
• Proportional control valve for moving platen movement
• Monitoring of oil level, temperature and filter blockage
• Oil temperature control system
• Automatic cooling water shut-off valve
• Oil preheating program
• Oil filter in pump delivery and/or return circuit
• Oil cooing heat exchanger
• Tank window to ease cleaning
• Oil gauge

• Enclosure for electric components with IP55 protection
• Electric motors with direct start-up
• Interlocked main switch to prevent electrical cabinet from being opened when press is energised
• Overload cutouts for motor‐pump units and motor‐pump unit for lubrication and auxiliary circuits
• Fuses and static relays that control plasticising cylinder heating
Vectorial inverter for screw rotation
• Fan for air circulation in electrical cabinet
• LED indicators on solenoid valves
• Fully labelled electrical circuits
• Conforms to Euromap or UL electrical standards

• Flow meter with adjustable independent circuits with water temperature and flow rate indication (One circuit is used for throat cooling with the remaining circuits available for mould cooling)

• Lowered base to optimise combined use of a robot
• Optional raised base to allow part drop
• Sound insulated motor‐pump assembly housings
• Anti-vibration mounting pad holes
• Lubricating oil recovery trough

• Constructed in compliance with essential requirements of Machinery Directive 98/37/CE and subsequent amendments
• All models CE certified by a European certification organisation
• Devices comply to European Standard EN 201 and ANSI/SPI B151.1-2007
• Safeguarding system at front of moulds with double interlocking device and hydraulic safety device
• Safeguarding system at the rear of moulds with double interlocking device and shutdown of motor‐pump units
• Monitoring of correct operation of hydraulic and electric safety devices
• Interlocked nozzle purge guard


MOTUS Multi-Touch ControllerMOTUS Multi-Touch Controller

The VECTOR sT range is equipped with Motus, the first ‘True’ Multi touch Controller. Features include:

  • Innovative gesture navigation system incorporating swipe, scroll & zoom functions
  • Virtual object for axis movement based on gesture orientation (Patent Pending)
  • Modern, slim design with smart phone familiarity
  • Customisable interface to personalise screen and functions
  • Sequencer to create special cycles
  • Quick search function for parameter editing, graphical editing and analysis
  • New functioning modes, “step” and “in production”
  • Smart alarms function for improved fault management
  • 21.5” Color TFT LC multi-touch display with a 1920X1080 resolution
  • Power Link bus connections based on Real time Ethernet technology
  • Data transmission is safe, noiseless and faster with < 2 ms communication speeds
  • RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for external access


• Core Pull MP/FP
• Air Blast MP/FP
• Proportional Valve for Hydraulic Ejection
• E17 Interface
• E67 Robot Interface
• Special Screw (Wear Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Mixing, Barrier, Low Compression, etc.)
• Special Barrel (Corrosion Resistant, High Wear Resistant)
• Barrel Liner
• Special Tip Design
• Extended Nozzle Body
• Additional Nozzle Zone
• Mould Valve Gate Hydraulic
• Mould Valve Gate Pneumatic
• Hydraulic Shut-Off Nozzle – Pin
• Hydraulic Shut-Off Nozzle – Bolt
• Transformer(s)
• Integrated Hot Runner
• Mould Pressure Transducer Interface
• Gas Injection Interface
• Data Logging Interface
• RJG Process Monitoring Interface
• Special Paint
• Additional Flowmeters
• Closed Loop Feed Throat Cooling
• 100 mm Increased Mould Height
• Raised Base (+600 mm)
• PVC Kit
• Power Outlet(s)
• Colour Feed Signal
• Photocell
• Injection Accumulator
• Magnetic Platens
• Hydraulic Mould Clamps
• Rotary Table
• AMICO System Services


• General Medium Size Parts
• General Large Size Parts
• Automotive
• Construction
• Industrial
• Appliance
• Household
• Aerospace
• Electronic & Telecom
• Technical Moulding
• Food & Beverage
• Containers