Negri Bossi Launch NOVA eT Range at PDM 2018


PDM 2018 will be the platform to launch the Negri Bossi NOVA eT all-electric machine range to the UK market. An 80 tonne NOVA eT 80 machine will be used to demonstrate the ability to combine energy efficiency with high levels of accuracy and productivity.

In production will be an eight impression ‘pin carrier’ tool, each highly intricate moulding weighing in at just 0.46 grams. The tool utilises the Kistler MultiFlow automatic hot runner balancing system that regulates the temperature of the individual hot runner tips to ensure that all filling curves are identical.

MultiFlow, an advanced feature of Kistler’s ComoNeo system, provides automatic compensation for batch fluctuations and process disruptions. This is a key advantage over systems based on melt front detection.
The NOVA eT is Negri Bossi’s fourth-generation all-electric machine. The controller has a new multi-touch platform and is Negri Bossi’s third generation of touchscreen control. This demonstrates a pedigree resulting from staying ahead of the competition when it comes to incorporating new technologies into mainstream products.

Available in models from 50 to 350 tonnes, the machines have highly configurable injection units. Multi-colour options are available with additional injection units being full electric.

The machines are designed for maximum reliability and achieve energy savings of up to 80% when compared to conventional hydraulic drive solutions. Substantially reduced cycle times, due to full overlapping movements, are also provided.

Craig Ward, Group CEO recently commented,
“The NOVA eT product is targeted at markets which require the performance that an all-electric solution gives and as such the specifications reflect this. The product features a new multi-touch controller, Tactum with features such as swipe and scroll. The machine is equipped with a new ‘smart flex 2’ locking unit with a different toggle geometry designed to be coupled specifically with electric closing and to have characteristics optimised to its target market.”

In keeping with Negri Bossi tradition, the machines have been designed for reliability, longevity and performance. The ‘Smart Flex 2’ toggle system benefits from 70 years of experience and design evolution, while linear runners with self-lubricating bearings on the moving platen, ensure cleanliness of the die area, making them perfect for cleanroom environments.