NEGRI BOSSI UK and GB Asset Finance Celebrate a 15-year Partnership!

Greg (left) and Richard, back in 2004
Greg (left) and Richard, back in 2004

In 2004, our summer newsletter featured Richard Briggs and Greg Hopping from the then, newly formed GB Asset Finance Limited.

Richard, via his employment in the finance industry, had already built a strong presence within the plastics sector, having helped both new and established Negri Bossi customers to find the best finance facilities for their particular circumstances. The formation of GB Asset Finance Limited helped to further cement what has become a very useful and productive long term relationship.

Today the company are well recognised by funders in the UK  as specialists in providing asset finance to the plastics sector. The company offers a diverse portfolio of finance products from a wide range of providers.  Their extensive knowledge of our industry, coupled with a flexible and speedy approach, allows them to secure the best possible solution for each individual client.  A prime example of this would be their understanding of machine residual values, which are typically much higher than other types of capital equipment. In the case of Negri Bossi equipment, they can assure lenders that there is a buoyant market for second-hand equipment that further bolsters resale values.

Richard Briggs commented:

“ Our relationship with Negri Bossi has been the foundation on which our business has grown, and we continue to be very proud to be part of the Negri Bossi team. I believe the key to our success over the years is not only our knowledge of the asset finance market, but also making sure we understand our clients business”.

“This expertise allows us to quickly identify the most appropriate funder to match an individual finance requirement. We always prepare and submit our own funding proposal and ensure we obtain the best available terms and rates. The end result is that we save our client time, frustration and lost opportunity, and of course provide a first-class service.”

GB Asset Finance logoYou can call Richard Briggs to discuss any Refinance or Hire Purchase requirements involving your machines or any other capital expenditure.  Telephone: 01159 699340 or email