Negri Bossi steals the limelight at FIP Solution Plastique 2017

The Negri Bossi sales team ready to welcome the customers!

Negri Bossi used the FIP 2017 exhibition in Lyon to present their latest technologies, where they occupied a 143² booth. The exhibition, which was held from the 13th to the 16th of June, was very successful for Negri Bossi with the team welcoming many customers, both old and new.

The star of the show was the recently launched ele all-electric 180 tonne machine, producing a complete ping pong bat utilising a new FMC (foam molecular moulding) process. The main injection unit injected a PBT material to produce the body while a vertical electric injection fed a soft TPU handle. One of the bat faces was moulded in a foamed LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) to produce the ‘spongier’ side of the bat and the firmer face was produced in a standard LSR material.

The LSR materials were fed directly into the mould from injection lines ‘EasyBalance LSR’ supplied by Guzzini Engineering, with a special process for producing the FMC material. The mouldings were handled by a 6 axis Robot supplied by Negri Bossi Group company, Sytrama. The mould was manufactured by Esistampi s.r.l.

The FMC process proved to be the most interesting application at the show attracting both customers and competitors alike.

There was also a 250 tonne Canbio st servo hydraulic machine moulding an eight impression PP lid in a nine second cycle time.


The FMC application proved a hit!