Fatra invests in Negri Bossi for Ikea Plastic Goods

Fatra, a.s. ranks among the world’s most significant plastic processing companies. In 2016, Fatra’s turnover was almost CZK 3.70 bill. with more than 75% of its production headed for international markets.

Fatra has recently taken delivery of five Negri Bossi Vector machines installed in their Czech Republic production plants in Napajedla and Chropyně, where they employ more than 1100 staff. Fatra, a.s. manufactures high quality components and specialised customer-tailored solutions, that includes not only production but also development activities and consultation. Fatra a.s. supplies products to over 50 countries worldwide. Materials processed include PVC-P, PVC-U, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, PET, and ABS. The company provides a wide range of services to its customers including their research laboratories, testing facilities, preparation of samples, advice on materials and technical consultation. The manufacturing is supported by established quality management and ecology systems ČSN ISO 9001 and ČSN ISO 14001. Fatra, a.s. has vindicated its certificates “Responsible Care” and “Safe Company” over several years.

Fatra is an integral part of the worldwide plastic processing industry, supplying injection moldings to international companies such as Ikea. The company’s success as a first-class supplier is based on customer care focussing on production accuracy, on time delivery and supply reliability.

Negri Bossi’s scope of supply includes both machine and complete automation systems. This enables Fatra to efficiently supply a final verified product. Whilst all the Negri Bossi machines maintain very high accuracy levels, the robot monitors the component weight with any parts out of tolerance being rejected into a dedicated container. After weight checking, a label dispenser adds a bar code label that the system verifies with an optical reader to validate position and readability. The products are stacked on a conveyor belt before moving to the warehouse.    

Mrs. Jitka Svobodova (Project Manager) of Fatra says: “At Fatra our focus is always on delivering a very reliable service to our customers. Negri Bossi help us achieve this and we see them more as a Partner than a supplier”.

The recent investment included new Negri Bossi 1100 tonne machines to manufacture a completely new product.

The 650 and 1100 tonne machines were all equipped with Negri Bossi beam robots and automation, which included scales, a labelling system, a conveyor belt and guarding.