Cooperation of Elle. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl and Negri Bossi for the production of COVID adjustable cases and mask hooks


Mask hooks

During this pandemic, many companies in our sector converted part of their production to projects for containing the spread of COVID-19.

With this in mind, plastics moulding and assembly company ELLE. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl started production of COVID mask cases and hooks on a Negri Bossi 65 tonne machine.

The company, founded in 1995 from the entrepreneurial idea of Luca Postorino, has a 900 sqm plant in Genoa and specialises in plastic moulding, mainly for the Construction and Boating sectors.

The project, designed for hospital needs, was entirely conceived and funded by ELLE. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl. They have also distributed free of charge masks to hospital companies in the area.

The production involves the moulding of a mask case and the hook that supports the mask itself. The whole process is designed to provide a hygienic service to the user. In addition to the case being elegant and comfortable, it prevents the mask from coming into contact with surfaces that are not perfectly clean.

The plastic hook, which is packaged with the mask case, is convenient as it prevents the mask from having to be supported by the ears all day.

The project is planned to achieve a full productivity capacity of 5000 pieces per day.

In addition to the injection moulding machine, Negri Bossi has also provided the peripheral equipment to support the full cell. This includes equipment for dehumidifying drying, granulation and mould thermoregulation.

The Negri Bossi area agent, Mr. Mauro De Pascali, impressed by the project, decided to collaborate in the final phase and sponsorship.