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Introducing the New Generation NOVA 5eT at INTERPLAS 23


Negri Bossi was one of the first European Companies to bring an affordable Electric Injection Molding Machine to the market in the early 90’s.

From the knowledge we gained from this and our subsequent models, we are pleased to present at Interplas UK for the First time, our 5th generation Electric machine the Nova 5eT.


This machine is the first machine designed jointly by our parent company Nissei and Negri Bossi and is a synergy of our combined technologies featuring Japanese Quality and Italian Styling.

Currently available from 50-350 tonnes. The machine is ideally suited for the medical, packaging and high-tech sectors of the market where the ultimate in precision and cleanliness are a pre-requisite. The new 5eT series has features that bring great improvements on performance over previous models.

The flat clamp system uses a new 5-point, fast closing toggle system which is designed to give an even contact force over whole platen face  The fixed platen geometry is also optimized for high nozzle contact pressures. The Injection units “pre-pack” facility ensures precise and repeatable injection of the material during production.

The machine exhibited this year at Interplas is the Nova 5eT 180-590 a 180-tonne machine producing a medical Spirometer component.

The machine will be equipped with a Negri Bossi Sytrama S8 compact take out robot with conveyor & floor mounted guarding. Dryers, loaders and Temperature Control Units are supplied by Piovan and are connected to the Injection Molding Machine control via an OPC -UA interface so that settings and conditions can be monitored on the same screen as the machine settings. The alarm conditions for the ancillary equipment are also monitored through the machine so in the case of a malfunction the machine will be alerted, and the machine can then be shut down or put on standby in a controlled manner ideal for lights out situations.

Come and see how the new NOVA 5eT can improve your production efficiency and quality, register here:

Negri Bossi at PLAST 2023

2023 is the year of the complete recovery of the exhibition sector after the pandemic and we at NB have already started with our first exhibition of the year which took place in Bologna, the MECSPE, where we experienced a success that far surpassed our expectations. In fact, visits to our stand have almost tripled compared to recent years and, in general, there has been a 50% higher participation than in previous exhibitions. After the excellent turnout also seen at Plastpol and Equiplast, we are now waiting for the biggest event of the year based in Italy which is PLAST: after K, it is the most important exhibition in our sector. We will be present on stand C/D n°121/122 in pavilion 24 with a space of 410 square meters where the leading products will be exhibited.

In the exhibition space, there are two fifth-generation all-electric machines, from our NOVA 5eT range, born from the synergy between Italian design and Japanese technology, together with a large-tonnage machine, the NOVA P. The NOVA 5eT will be exhibited in two different sizes, one 80 and the other 180 t, which print medical and high-tech parts which are among the most suitable sectors for the use of electrical machines known for their precision and cleanliness.  This series in particular offers great improvements in terms of performance thanks to the new pre-pack system and the flat-clamp system.

The latter consists of a new 5-point toggle, optimized to guarantee optimal contact between the mold and plates also in the nozzle area, while the pre-pack guarantees the precise dose of the injected material, and repeatability in production.

The third and last machine present will be a NOVA P1000-H13600 with two planes and a screw diameter of  120 mm which, for the event, will mold a PP container with a 25-second cycle time, thanks to a single-cavity mold.

Furthermore, the machines are equipped with the Sytrama robot, a company of the group based in Vignate (MI). The NOVA 5eT will be presented with the writing “NISSEI PLASTIC JAPAN MADE” under the logo to make the origin of the product clear.

Of course, all the Negri Bossi staff will be available to welcome and assist anyone who wants to learn about the brand’s technology which, with its latest developments, is preparing to cover new market segments. For any info on the exhibition or ticket requests please contact:

PLAST 2023

Negri Bossi at MECSPE 2023

Negri Bossi is exhibiting at MECSPE 2023 which takes place in Bologna from 29 to 31 March, on stand number A36, pad.36 EUROSTAMPI.

The machine on display is a NOVA 5eT in the 180-H590 version which represents the result of the union between Nissei technology and the Italian design that characterises Negri Bossi.

The product that represents the fifth generation of all-electric machines, built for maximum efficiency and precision, is available starting from 50 tons up to 180 tons with the intention of further expanding the range in the future, according to the needs of the market increasingly attentive to the advantages that the electric machine brings. The group’s experience with electric machines is well tested: this year, in fact, we celebrate 40 years since the launch of the first electric.

The NOVA 5eT series includes countless features that bring important benefits including the new “Flat clamp” closing system which reduces the load on the toggle, increasing the life of the mold and the “Pre Pack” system which guarantees the precise dose of injected material, repeatability of production and a compact and constant melt density.

The innovative user friendly and Multitouch TACT5 control completes the machine and in conjunction with the AMICO.4.0. Tele-Assistance System, created in 1998 by Negri Bossi which today thousands of user customers have, guarantees after-sales support via WAN connection, allowing you to better manage production and the interconnection of machine data to the various IT systems increasingly with a view to Industry 4.0 (in line with and prepared for the recent Euromap 77/OPC 40077 communication standards).

The injection machine, mainly suitable for the medical, packaging and technical molding markets, produces a polycarbonate protective eyewear (medical device) for the event, thanks to the 1 + (1+1) cavity mold produced by the ADM company ( based in the province of Salerno, in collaboration with COMPLASTIC Srl: both all-Italian companies with great know-how in the plastic molding sector.

Complastic Srl, born in 1984 from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Salvatore D’Alise, today has a plant of 2000 square meters in Valle di Maddaloni in the province of Caserta and specializes in thermoplastic molding and patented co-injection mainly for the Automotive, Food, Textiles and Personal Protective Equipment.

Furthermore, the NOVA 5eT is equipped with PIOVAN auxiliaries ( and with the Sytrama robot, a group company based in Vignate (MI).

The sales staff and Italian agents are waiting for you on the stand!

K 2022 Preview by Negri Bossi Group GM, Craig Ward

Craig Ward, GM at Negri BossiThis year at K is a very special year for us all at Negri Bossi. Since the last K show, we have merged and become part of the same group as Nissei plastic machinery. They, like ourselves, are celebrating 75 years since their incorporation. This year we will be hosting a joint stand, also including our robot and automation division Sytrama (Roboline), in our usual location.

As such the stand will have a mix of products in order to demonstrate the diversity of our ranges as well as hinting at our future collaborations.

Nissei will bring a vertical machine and a micro-shot machine, two sectors of the market for which Negri Bossi has never served. In return, Negri Bossi is bringing a two-platen machine which reflects its presence in the high tonnage sector for which Nissei has never been active.

In addition, Nissei/Negri Bossi will bring two pre-series all-new electric machines which will be eventually destined for the European market under the brand of Negri Bossi. These machines are the first joint venture since the coming together of these two great brands and intend to reflect the synergy derived from the best in both cultures.

After almost three years of working together, K is the perfect platform for you to come and glimpse into our future.

Here’s to the next 75 years.   

Visit us! Hall15 stand 15B22

Negri Bossi at K 2022

Negri Bossi, Nissei Plastic & Roboline at K 2022

Negri Bossi, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd and Roboline will be exhibiting at K 2022, which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 19th to 26th. Negri Bossi, the largest Italian injection moulding machine maker, joined Nissei Group in January 2020. The joined force of both companies and their strengths bring the following synergy effects:

  1. Complement each other to expand sales outlets worldwide.
  2. Complement each other with product lineups (from small to super large, general‐purpose to vertical/special machines).
  3. Procurements and production bases to be shared in the future.

K2022 will be the first event to showcase the collaboration between Nissei and Negri Bossi, and it will be a perfect opportunity to show their presence to the customers as the new Nissei Group. Key points of Nissei Group’s demo machines at K2022 are below:

  1. A debut of the all‐new all‐electric machine, which will be the flagship model to be released in the
    European market.
  2. A further‐advanced solution for processing eco‐friendly material PLA.
  3. A proposal to automotive industry to meet rapidly shifting demands for electric vehicles.
  4. Experience Nissei Group’s “Small to Super Large Machine Lineups (micro moulding machine, etc.).”

K2022 will be the 70th anniversary since its first exhibition held in 1952. Coincidentally, Nissei and Negri Bossi are commemorating their 75th anniversaries. As a group, the total number of units sold exceeded well over 190,000 units, and it is approaching the milestone of 200,000 units. Please come and experience how Nissei and Negri Bossi’s rich heritage and resources in the industry fused and evolved to offer new solutions.

Negri Bossi at K 2022