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Negri Bossi supports the community by producing masks to counter the spread of COVID-19


covid maskThe virus is raging and there seems to be no way out but in this situation that for the first time we all found ourselves living, reshaping our lives, it is our duty to strive to find a solution, to be an active part in the  transformation that we are living and running towards “normality”.

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Negri Bossi at MECSPE 2020


Negri Bossi will be present at MECSPE that will take place in Parma from 29 to 31 October; the attendance at this event is a testament that the society continues to take an interest in the domestic market.

On Hall 6 stand number D05 Negri Bossi will be exhibiting the new machine of platform NOVA, the  NOVA eT 130 tons Euromap 490 injection unit, complete with the control Multi touch Tactum.

The NOVA eT is a total electric machine designed for reliability and longevity. The main benefits are:  self-lubricating linear bearings on the moving platen that ensure the cleanliness of the die area, making the machine perfect for cleanroom environments; the machine offers also energy savings when compared to conventional hydraulic drive solutions, and substantially reduced cycle times due to fully overlapping movements.

The range, from 50 to 350 tons, is equipped with the new TACTUM Controller, user friendly and innovative with swipe and scroll function and a gesture navigation fast and intuitive. During the event,  the machine will produce cutlery set, in PLA biodegradable material; the piece molded weighs 12 gr with a cycle time of 11 seconds. The family mold is a production of New Trasing Stampi. On the stand will be present also Sytrama Automation, our sister company, with an S7 Robot.

NOVAe machine
Tactum screenshot on new Negri Bossi NOVA eT machines
Tactum new control on NB electric machines


Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. signs to acquire a majority stake in Negri Bossi S.p.A.

Nissei and Negri BossiOn 21st November 2019, Kingsbury Corp. has signed to sell a majority stake of Negri Bossi S.p.A., an Italian company active in the manufacture and sale of injection molding machines and robot equipment, to Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.. The closing is expected in January 2020 and Kingsbury Corp. will maintain a minority stake in the Company.

Established in 1947 in Cologno Monzese (Milan), Negri Bossi has become the number one injection molding machine manufacturer in Italy, with a wide range of high-performance injection molding machines, amongst which ultra-large injection molding machines and molding systems. The Group also provides products and solutions tailored to each customer. Negri Bossi has a particularly strong presence in Europe and a solid customer base in a wide range of industries. The Group has an important presence also in the USA, Mexico and India. Negri Bossi has achieved revenues of more than €100 million over the last few years.

Nissei Plastic Industrial is a Japanese company, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, engaged in the manufacture and sale of injection molding machines, peripherical equipment, parts and dies. The Company operates in three segments: Japan (active in purchase, manufacturing and sale of injection molding machines and peripherical equipment), USA (engaged in the sale of products) and Asia (with China and Thailand affiliates focused on manufacturing and sales).  

By acquiring a stake in Negri Bossi, Nissei will be able to expand and strengthen its business domain in the injection molding machine field. The combination of Nissei’s injection molding machines and Negri Bossi’s injection molding technology is expected to expand each product portfolio and provide a comprehensive solution to a wide customer segment. Nissei will also utilize the R&D and sales capabilities of Negri Bossi to expand Nissei’s strengths in small and medium electric injection molding machines.

“Negri Bossi is a well-established injection molding machine manufacturer in Italy with more than 70 years of history, and this acquisition will enable respective business enhancement based on a reciprocally complementing relationship by geographical and product type perspective. Consolidated sales of the Nissei group will hit approximately 50 billion Japanese yen (€420 million). In addition to the integration of production, sales and service, we will be able to achieve further growth through global marketing with robot companies” Mr Yoda, President and Representative Director of Nissei said.

From Negri Bossi side Mr. Craig Ward, General Manager, gave his comment: “This new partnership will elevate us to the status as one of the top ten suppliers worldwide for the supply of plastic injection molding machines. The strategic choice to purchase Negri Bossi was based on very strong potential synergies such as our strong geographical footprint in Europe and East coast of America compared to theirs of the Far east, Asia and west coast of America. In terms of product they have a history of direct lock machines whilst we have always been known for our toggle machines. We are able to offer high tonnage machines were as they currently only go to 1300ton whilst they are able to offer to market vertical machines. We are, and will continue to, be Negri Bossi with our machines and our people as that is what our customers want. The only difference now is that we have a strong industrial partner behind us who understands our market and whom can support us in order to better service our customer’s needs”

Negri Bossi has been assisted by financial advisor K Finance – partner of Clairfield International – with Managing Partner Giuseppe R. Grasso, Director Maximiliano Turelli and Analyst Claudia Brisciana. Law firm Nctm assisted on the legal aspects with Partner Pietro Zanoni, Managing Associate Alessia Trevisan and Mr Mario Bonferroni.

Nissei has been assisted by financial advisor Yamada Consulting Group with Managing Director Kita Yasuyuki. The financial and fiscal due diligence has been conducted by Grant Thornton, with Partner Stefano Marchetti, Senior Manager Antonio Aiuto and Senior Consultant Martina Cellana in the financial team and Partner Gianni Bittetti and Senior Manager Mattia Tencalla in the fiscal team. Law firm Allen&Overy assisted on the legal aspects.

Negri Bossi at K2019

K2019, held in Dusseldorf every three years, is one of the world’s most important plastics exhibitions, for this reason, NB once again brings technology and innovation to the show.

On a 480 mq stand (HALL 15 stand B22) NB will be displaying four machines the focal point being the all-new NOVAs600T a machine which completes this series of machines. In addition to this, NB is also showing two electric machines from its NOVA eT range as well as a 330 tons servo-hydraulic machine.

NOVA s600T

The NOVA s600T comes from the NOVA sT range that is available from 600 to 1300 tons. The new and innovative range has a unique toggle system that gives all benefits of a traditional toggle system whilst generating a footprint close to that of a two-platen machine. The machines come with the latest generation servo-hydraulic system for maximum performance and energy-saving combined with the patented and technology leading Motus controller with its revolutionary virtual object system for axis movement. This machine will be making a folding crate with part extraction via a SYTRAMA robot going to an assembly station.

Two NOVA eT all-electric machines completed the collection of NOVA machines on display. The NOVA eT range is aimed at the Packaging, Closure, Medical, and Optical molding sectors and is precise, efficient, and fast. The NOVA eT range is from 50 to 350 tons. The machines feature the smart flex two clamp units specially designed for electric actuation and for reduced dry cycle times. The whole range features generous tie bar spacing, high injection speeds, and Tactum multi‐touch controller with scroll, zoom and swipe capability.

The first NOVA e130T on the stand fitted with a 40 mm barrier screw will run a mold, made by MOLMASA (Barcelona, Spain), to produce Roll On. This molding solution for the packaging industry is a new patented method for producing high-quality plastic blown bottles directly from the injection molding machine. The benefits of this application are a compact mould concept operation simple and reliable, horizontal injection molding machine used, simple and fast start‐up, high quality of the final product and a low cost of the molded pieces production.

The second NOVA eT is a 220‐ton model that produces glass thanks to a four‐impression mold made by FB Molds, and it is completed by a bagging machine. Parts are extracted via a side entry SYTRAMA Robot and placed into the bagging line. This is an ideal application in which traditional machines struggle in terms of energy consumption and performance.

The fourth machine will be a 330-ton machine that produces a broom brush incorporating our FMC technology. FMC is a technique of molding with gas (nitrogen in microcellular form) which reduces the weight of the product and eliminates aesthetic defects. The use of WPC (wood plastic compound) raw material in addition to the FMC system guarantees an ecological solution for plastic production. Using Negri Bossi’s experience in gas injection, FMC system is the best solution to reduce weight because this application produces molded material in a microcellular form, available both for thermoplastics and liquid silicon rubber (LSR). The machine is also equipped with a brush making machine (Borghi).

All machines have Sytrama automation, our sister company and on the stand will be a little demonstration with a Sytrama robot playing noughts and crosses.

The NB AMICO 4.0 system dedicated to industry 4.0 will be shown on a display area where customers could see the latest developments achieved through the collaboration with our partner Open Plast.

Open Plast, the Italian platform dedicated to plastic and rubber sector, allows completion of the industry 4.0 chain from machines to customers ERP system.

Come and see what NB, a market leader for more than 70 years, can do for you and your business.

NOVA eT Technology Improves Process and Productivity for IVM


Less than six months after the delivery of their first NOVA eT All-Electric machine, County Durham based IVM Ltd has taken delivery of a 280-ton model.  The machine was purchased to produce an existing under-seat automotive component, with a visible and textured front face.

Negri Bossi NOVA eT at IVM
The 280-ton NOVA eT machine on the day of delivery

The tool previously ran on a modern 270-ton hydraulic machine achieving a 46 second cycle time. There were serious quality issues relating to gas being trapped within the tools cavity.  Despite the addition of vents, surface defects resulting from burning were at an unacceptable level.  IVM’s Managing Director, Ian Davidson commented,

“People are surprised when we tell them that we chose All-Electric technology primarily to increase productivity and improve the quality of an existing component.  We all know that these machines use less energy, are cleaner, quieter and have a much smaller cooling requirement than hydraulic models.  These are all contributing factors, but we wouldn’t have made this decision based on these benefits alone.

“We were confident that the proven advantages of the NOVA eT could help us to resolve both the current quality concern, and reduce the cycle time.  Having now eliminated the gas burning issue and also significantly reduced cycle times, we were right to be optimistic.”

“Venting is no longer an issue, as we are able to commence material injection when the tool faces are exactly 0.5mm apart.  This ability to utilize ‘pre-injection’ has both resolved the quality issue and contributed towards the cycle time improvement.

Screenshot showing the cycle breakdown and cycle time
Screenshot showing the cycle breakdown and cycle time

“Most of the cycle time reduction directly relates to the machine’s technological advantages.  For example, the opening stroke has been reduced by a second, the machine ‘relaxing’ the toggles towards the end of the cooling phase.  This means that acceleration is virtually instantaneous once mold opening commences.

“Component ejection now commences once mold open is at 60mm.  This ability to ‘eject on the fly’ also means that there is no dwell between mold fully open and mold close commencing.”

“In summary, the NOVA eT is a ‘fast’ machine when you compare it to a servo-hydraulic equivalent.  All movements have a higher acceleration and deceleration curve, which when coupled with the ability to overlap all phases of the mold cycle, equates to greater productivity.

“All-Electric technology comes with a price premium, only some of which can be justified by energy savings.  Shaving 20% off a cycle time is the real benefit to us, as higher productivity means lower part cost and a quicker ROI.”

Negri Bossi Group CEO, Craig Ward, recently attended an Open Day at the UK’s Rugby facility.  His presentation made a very compelling argument for investment in all-electric technology when machines are below 250 tonnes, citing ‘life costs’ and productivity levels as paramount to European manufacturing facilities and their related overheads.

He went on to postulate that most costings/justifications for the higher levels of investment required were not sophisticated enough and therefore accurate enough to give the correct outcome when deciding between hydraulic or all-electric technology.  When done correctly, the conclusion should invariably be, that in the European market, there was no longer a place for a high-end, sub-250-ton hydraulic machine.  Investing in machines such as the NOVA eT should future proof the purchasing decision, as the argument will only become more compelling during the service life of the equipment.

The NOVA eT range is available in tonnages between 50 and 350 ton and with a choice of injection units.  A 130-ton machine is currently available to view at Negri Bossi UK’s Rugby showroom.