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Negri Bossi at Equiplast 2021

NOVA eT all-electric molding machine

Negri Bossi is taking part in Equiplast 2021, which is being held in Barcelona – at the Fira Barcelona center – from 14 to 17 September. The event marks the resumption of the European trade fair season and Negri Bossi will be taking the opportunity to welcome visitors and update them on the latest technological innovations.

Negri Bossi will occupy its historic location with a 155 sq.m. stand, located in HALL 3, level 0 stand number D31, hosting a NOVA eT180-490 all-electric machine.

The injection molding machine, suitable mainly for the medical, packaging and technical molding markets, prints an injected and blown container using a single-cavity mold produced by the MOLMASA company (Molmasa Industrial de Moldes s.l.) based in Spain, in Montcada I Reicax, near Barcelona.

This molding solution, called in.blow, is a new patented method of producing high quality plastic bottles directly from the injection molding machine.

The machine on display is part of our all-electric range, in which Negri Bossi has a great deal of technological experience acquired over the years and represents one of the company’s flagship models. The series is available starting from 50 tonnes, and has recently developed up to 450 tonnes, with the intention of further expanding the range in line with market requirements that are increasingly attentive to the advantages of the all-electric machines.

The user-friendly, easy-to-navigate TACTUM multitouch control system completes the machine and, together with the patented AMICO.4.0 remote assistance system. Created in 1998 by NB, the remote assistance system has thousands of users and guarantees after-sales support via a WAN connection, making it possible to manage production in the best possible way and to interconnect machine data with the various IT systems, increasingly in line with Industry 4.0.

The NOVA eT is also equipped with the S7-L robot from Sytrama, a group company based in Vignate (MI). To complete the automation equipment, there is the IML application with the supply of labels from LA PRENSA Etichette Italia, based in San Giuliano Milanese (MI).

Antonio Rampone
Antonio Rampone

For Negri Bossi, this edition of Equiplast is also a time for farewells: Antonio Rampone, head of the subsidiary until June 2021, will take advantage of his presence at the fair to say goodbye to our Spanish customers and collaborators as he looks towards the end of his highly satisfying career.

All the staff at Negri Bossi Spain are ready to welcome anyone who wants to get a hands-on feel for the Italian brand’s new technology, whose latest creations cover new market segments.

Negri Bossi signs agency agreement with CS Plastics


CS Plastics facility

NEGRI BOSSI strengthens its presence in Benelux with the appointment of a new agent with over 13 years’ experience in the market.

CS Plastics is a growing company, founded in 2008 by Werner Vanderveken and Jurgen Lippens. Previous to this, they were colleagues in the field of the injection molding machines.

CS Plastics supplies complete solutions for plastic processing companies. The service follows all stages of the process, from the supply of plastic material to the injection machines and ancillaries. Where necessary, the service also includes the supply of special, bespoke equipment, utilizing their vast experience to create total production solutions.

CS Plastics has a facility in Lokeren (Belgium). They retain a comprehensive stock of materials, guaranteeing efficient delivery to its customers.

A widespread presence in Benelux, a qualified sales network and high technical experience make CS Plastics the ideal partner for Negri Bossi’s continued growth in this important market.

Cooperation of Elle. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl and Negri Bossi for the production of COVID adjustable cases and mask hooks


Mask hooks

During this pandemic, many companies in our sector converted part of their production to projects for containing the spread of COVID-19.

With this in mind, plastics molding and assembly company ELLE. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl started production of COVID mask cases and hooks on a Negri Bossi 65 tonne machine.

The company, founded in 1995 from the entrepreneurial idea of Luca Postorino, has a 900 sqm plant in Genoa and specialises in plastic molding, mainly for the Construction and Boating sectors.

The project, designed for hospital needs, was entirely conceived and funded by ELLE. Bi. ASSEMBLAGGI Srl. They have also distributed free of charge masks to hospital companies in the area.

The production involves the molding of a mask case and the hook that supports the mask itself. The whole process is designed to provide a hygienic service to the user. In addition to the case being elegant and comfortable, it prevents the mask from coming into contact with surfaces that are not perfectly clean.

The plastic hook, which is packaged with the mask case, is convenient as it prevents the mask from having to be supported by the ears all day.

The project is planned to achieve a full productivity capacity of 5000 pieces per day.

In addition to the injection molding machine, Negri Bossi has also provided the peripheral equipment to support the full cell. This includes equipment for dehumidifying drying, granulation and mold thermoregulation.

The Negri Bossi area agent, Mr. Mauro De Pascali, impressed by the project, decided to collaborate in the final phase and sponsorship.

Complastic Srl and Negri Bossi in collaboration to produce glasses and facial shields to face COVID-19

In the Italian scenario, many companies are converting part of their production into devices to deal with the emergency, continuing to develop projects for the community that can improve situations of coexistence with Coronavirus. Negri Bossi who since April 9, 2020 has been using two injection machines to produce masks for the community through the help of the Lombard Civil Protection to counter the spread of COVID‐19, the most serious pandemic of this beginning of the century, is working in collaboration with another all‐Italian company: COMPLASTIC Srl.

The company born in 1984 from the business idea of Salvatore D’Alise today has a 2000 sq. m plant in the Maddaloni Valley in the province of Caserta and specialises in thermoplastic molding and patented coinfection mainly for the Automotive, Food sectors, Textile and Personal Protective Equipment. 

With strong know‐how in the plastic molding sector, Complastic Srl is developing a project to produce glasses and a face shields thanks to an injection molding machine delivered by Negri Bossi to the company in record time. This project was funded by Invialia for the Cura Italia decree in order to deal with the emergency of Covid‐19.

COVID Protective MasksThe aim is, therefore, to convert part of the production into the molding of glasses and DPI / DM screens; at present, the procedures required by the Legislative Decree itself for PPE are in progress. (reference D.L. 17 March 2020 n. 18, art. 16, c. 2.).

The design of the two objects produced fully reflects the characteristics required by the EN166: 2004 standards, in addition, efforts have been made to give maximum transparency to the glasses also on the side,  so that the wearer’s visual field is not diminished and with the purpose to decrease the mental tiredness caused by the use of the object for many consecutive hours.

In the work area for the project at the Complastic Srl company, the expected productivity at full capacity will be 2000 pieces per day for both glasses and face shield.

All this has been possible thanks to a symbiotic work, as well as with Negri Bossi also with ADM who made the mold of the glasses, with Moretto SpA who supplied the ancillaries of the machine (Polymer dehumidification plant, granulation plant that molds thermoregulation), with the supplier of the raw material AT & Service srl  (Pastorano ‐ CE) and that of the packaging, Paper Sun Sas. 


Negri Bossi supports the community by producing masks to counter the spread of COVID-19


covid maskThe virus is raging and there seems to be no way out but in this situation that for the first time we all found ourselves living, reshaping our lives, it is our duty to strive to find a solution, to be an active part in the  transformation that we are living and running towards “normality”.

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