Negri Bossi, Nissei Plastic & Roboline at K 2022

Negri Bossi, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd and Roboline will be exhibiting at K 2022, which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 19th to 26th. Negri Bossi, the largest Italian injection moulding machine maker, joined Nissei Group in January 2020. The joined force of both companies and their strengths bring the following synergy effects:

  1. Complement each other to expand sales outlets worldwide.
  2. Complement each other with product lineups (from small to super large, general‐purpose to vertical/special machines).
  3. Procurements and production bases to be shared in the future.

K2022 will be the first event to showcase the collaboration between Nissei and Negri Bossi, and it will be a perfect opportunity to show their presence to the customers as the new Nissei Group. Key points of Nissei Group’s demo machines at K2022 are below:

  1. A debut of the all‐new all‐electric machine, which will be the flagship model to be released in the
    European market.
  2. A further‐advanced solution for processing eco‐friendly material PLA.
  3. A proposal to automotive industry to meet rapidly shifting demands for electric vehicles.
  4. Experience Nissei Group’s “Small to Super Large Machine Lineups (micro moulding machine, etc.).”

K2022 will be the 70th anniversary since its first exhibition held in 1952. Coincidentally, Nissei and Negri Bossi are commemorating their 75th anniversaries. As a group, the total number of units sold exceeded well over 190,000 units, and it is approaching the milestone of 200,000 units. Please come and experience how Nissei and Negri Bossi’s rich heritage and resources in the industry fused and evolved to offer new solutions.

Negri Bossi at K 2022