Introducing the New Generation NOVA 5eT at INTERPLAS 23


Negri Bossi was one of the first European Companies to bring an affordable Electric Injection Molding Machine to the market in the early 90’s.

From the knowledge we gained from this and our subsequent models, we are pleased to present at Interplas UK for the First time, our 5th generation Electric machine the Nova 5eT.


This machine is the first machine designed jointly by our parent company Nissei and Negri Bossi and is a synergy of our combined technologies featuring Japanese Quality and Italian Styling.

Currently available from 50-350 tonnes. The machine is ideally suited for the medical, packaging and high-tech sectors of the market where the ultimate in precision and cleanliness are a pre-requisite. The new 5eT series has features that bring great improvements on performance over previous models.

The flat clamp system uses a new 5-point, fast closing toggle system which is designed to give an even contact force over whole platen face  The fixed platen geometry is also optimized for high nozzle contact pressures. The Injection units “pre-pack” facility ensures precise and repeatable injection of the material during production.

The machine exhibited this year at Interplas is the Nova 5eT 180-590 a 180-tonne machine producing a medical Spirometer component.

The machine will be equipped with a Negri Bossi Sytrama S8 compact take out robot with conveyor & floor mounted guarding. Dryers, loaders and Temperature Control Units are supplied by Piovan and are connected to the Injection Molding Machine control via an OPC -UA interface so that settings and conditions can be monitored on the same screen as the machine settings. The alarm conditions for the ancillary equipment are also monitored through the machine so in the case of a malfunction the machine will be alerted, and the machine can then be shut down or put on standby in a controlled manner ideal for lights out situations.

Come and see how the new NOVA 5eT can improve your production efficiency and quality, register here: