The world catches up to NEGRI BOSSI’s ‘Industry 4.0’

AMICO 4.0_LOGONegri Bossi continues to evolve in-line with the ‘Industry 4.0’ theme.

Our Amico and Supervisio system have been monitoring and managing Negri Bossi injection moulding machines via remote connection for over 14 years and is recognized across the world.

The concept of the ‘Digital company’, known today as “Industry 4.0”, has been part of Negri Bossi’s vision since the year 2000, through our patenting of the ‘remote connection of tooling machines’.

Negri Bossi continues to move in line with Industry 4.0 with the advance of it’s Amico 4.0, a new solution that enables injection moulding machines to share and exchange production data across the world, simultaneously allowing for remote tele and process support, production monitoring and process adaptation where required.

This demonstrates that Negri Bossi is always at the forefront of technology, evolving with the times to provide their Customers with complete and current solutions.