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Craig Ward reappointed as Negri Bossi CEO

During yesterday’s Shareholder Meeting, on the 29th of June 2017, Craig Ward was reappointed to Negri Bossi CEO for the next 3 years!

Congratulations from the Negri Bossi employees and we all look forward to continuous improvement and growing on the success we’ve had over the last three years. 

70 Year Family Day

All the families of Negri Bossi had a great day celebrating the 70 year anniversary of the company on the 24th of June. The management want to thank the organisers and all the families who helped to make it a fantastic celebration for us all. Here’s to another 70 years!

Thanks to the photo contributions from:
Adriano Fumagalli
Vanja Rizzi
Manuela Gilardelli
Luca Wang

Negri Bossi – A remarkable 70 Years

An early view of the Negri Bossi factory.

In 1947, exactly 70 years ago, Negri Bossi started its long life in the injection moulding machine market. M. Pietro Negri from Oggiono (COMO) and M.Walter Bossi from Besozzo (VARESE), with the assistance of accountant Marco Giani from Cremona, formed the Negri Bossi company.

The three men had previously worked together from 1943 to 1947 in COGEMA (General Company of machines and equipment for plastic material founded by Giani) where the first injection moulding machine was produced. In 1947, in the newborn NB company, M.Bossi was the technical designer, M.Negri with mechanical engineering qualifications, was in charge of production and M.Giani provided commercial support.

M.Bossi (3rd from left) demonstrating the new NB machine. M.Negri is far right.

There were approximately 10 employees in the first headquarters in Corso Magenta 44 in Milan. Later in the same year, there was a move to a bigger facility in Via Bazzini as the company experienced rapid growth.

The first machine produced was a NB 28 which had a 15 tonnne hydraulic clamping unit with 2 tie bars. The mouldings produced were buttons in a polystirol material with a weight of 28 grammes. The customer was from Bergamo and the machine was sold for 450.000 lire (232 euro). It was interesting that the pump used was a Vickers, found in ARAL camps left by the Americans after the War. It was the first machine produced in Italy and unique in the market! During these periods, there was limited manufacturers of hydraulic equipment in Italy, so Negri Bossi produced a lot of their own actuators.


M.Negri and M.Bossi at the Milano Trade Fair in 1967.

Around 1948 M.Bossi started to work with M.Gianni Bodini, who in 1958, became the Technical Director and the manager of design and projects. In 1964 Negri Bossi moved permanently to its present location, Cologno Monzese (Milan).

During this period Negri Bossi acquired many worldwide patents with their designs, and machines with clamping units from 15 to 1200 tons, were produced. Thanks to a large growth in 1960, Negri Bossi opened a new warehouse in Pero (Milan).

M.Negri passed away in 1970 and M.Bossi remained with the company until he retired in 1979.

Over their 70 years Negri Bossi has undergone different acquisitions but it always maintained the founders’ vision. The company has always developed machines that contributed to the history of the injection moulding machine market, whilst always anticipating technological trends.

Thanks to all who have given longevity and greatness to this illustrious brand. Today Negri Bossi is the largest Italian injection moulding machine manufacturer and a leader in the world market.

Cologno Monzese, the present headquarters that Negri Bossi moved to in 1964.

Our thanks go to M.Gianni Bodini for his collaboration and testimony in the development of this feature. We give him a great and affectionate thank you.


Interplastica1For the first European event of 2017, Negri Bossi were present at Interplastica, which was held in Moscow from the 24th to the 27th of January.

Negri Bossi’s annual attendance at this event is testament to its continued commitment and support to the Russian injection moulding market.

On Stand C29, Hall 21, Negri Bossi were exhibiting their new generation Canbio ST model in 180 ton version with 850 Euromap injection and the new Tactus user friendly touchscreen controller. During the event, a vintage style small bag was made in Polipropilenyc material, with a 75 g weight and 25 sec.cycle time. The Canbio ST range represents a perfect balance between performance, flexibility, precision and low energy consumption.

Showcasing this machine in 2017, marks the 70th anniversary year of Negri Bossi’s foundation.

interplastica2One amazing coincidence is that this is the first Canbio ST series delivered in Negri Bossi’s 70th anniversary year and the customer who purchased it, is the same customer who last year bought the 5000th Canbio, special edition, also shown at that year’s Interplastica Exhibition.

Contact Details:
E-mail: ifilmanovic@negribossi.it

The world catches up to NEGRI BOSSI’s ‘Industry 4.0’

AMICO 4.0_LOGONegri Bossi continues to evolve in-line with the ‘Industry 4.0’ theme.

Our Amico and Supervisio system have been monitoring and managing Negri Bossi injection moulding machines via remote connection for over 14 years and is recognized across the world.

The concept of the ‘Digital company’, known today as “Industry 4.0”, has been part of Negri Bossi’s vision since the year 2000, through our patenting of the ‘remote connection of tooling machines’.

Negri Bossi continues to move in line with Industry 4.0 with the advance of it’s Amico 4.0, a new solution that enables injection moulding machines to share and exchange production data across the world, simultaneously allowing for remote tele and process support, production monitoring and process adaptation where required.

This demonstrates that Negri Bossi is always at the forefront of technology, evolving with the times to provide their Customers with complete and current solutions.