COLOGNO MONZESE – 07/01/2016

Plastitalia S.p.A. is the only company of its sector to have a VH3500 Negri Bossi injection molding machine. Using smart designs and innovative techniques, the new machine will allow the processing of polyethylene fittings with a larger diameter than existing sizes.

President Antonino Lenzo states, “The technological innovation for us is a key aspect to pursue over time, just like continuous strategic improvements in the company. One of the many objectives that we have achieved is the acquisition of the new injection molding machine, which will lead the company to add a wider range of quality fittings to offer our customers on both the national and international market. The introduction of new methods and systems is demonstrative of our company’s continuous growth and change, a necessary and essential part for an increasingly innovative future!”

The molding department has recently improved, thanks to the purchase of a new injection molding machine branded “Made in Italy” the VH3500 Negri Bossi model, which is among the biggest injection molding machines of our sector.

The company has always worked towards technological innovation, investing huge financial resources in the R&D department every year. Process and product innovation is necessary for creating fittings that are in line with customers’ increasingly high demands.

The Plastitalia objective is to create high performance and durable polyethylene fittings using advanced equipment and instruments.