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Negri Bossi North America ensures customer satisfaction by providing the best technical service available. Negri Bossi North America serves customers in the United States and Canada.

Service Support & Helpdesk


SERVICE-ClipartOur Service Department at Negri Bossi North America has been organized and trained to provide the flexible and fast response that our customers have come to expect.

Telephone Helpdesk

  • Hours: 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

On-Site Support

  • Eight multi-skilled Service Technicians located regionally to reach our customers quickly
  • Saturday and Sunday cover when required
  • Average response within 24 hours – sometimes same day

Competitively Priced Annual Service Contracts

 for Negri Bossi AMICO Call Center

  • Hours 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.


Our Service Technicians are regionally placed to ensure that they can reach our customers as fast as possible. This allows our technicians to develop good working relationships with their customers, and an understanding of their service requirements, optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

After Hours Service

If you require a service call outside of our normal business hours listed above, please call 1-833-767-6262 and ask for the Service Department.


Telephone: 1-833-767-6262

AMICO Service System


The AMICO Service System by Negri Bossi is a helpful tool in the plastics injection molding machinery industry. It is a remote service assistance system which is able to connect directly to the injection molding machine controls, using the most advanced communication technology available on the market.

When needed, the Negri Bossi Call Center receives your call for assistance and is able to analyze and address the problem using a direct connection to the molding machine. The AMICO Service System rapidly increases uptime, which ensures excellent production output and makes the job of the machine operator and plant foreman much easier.

The AMICO Service System allows the customer a choice between two types of service access:.

Remote Services


Provides for remote technical assistance, monitoring, software upgrades and help desk:

  • Remote operation of the machine terminal
  • Checking the behavior of all machine components
  • Checking the machine status immediately upon alarm signal
  • Modification of the component parameters on the CAN network
  • Initialization of the components on the CAN network
  • Modification of machine parameters and I/O configuration files
  • Sending machine commands

Local Services

Provides for production monitoring:

  • Constant automatic checking of machine performance
  • Machine status report creation
  • Automatic creation of warning levels
  • Automatic creation of requests for assistance
  • Surveillance of machine to check for proper operation after work has been completed
  • Past machine performance database maintenance


Spare Parts


The Parts Department at Negri Bossi North America manages a fully stocked spare parts warehouse in New Castle (Delaware) which alleviates long lead times that could be hindering production when you need parts. A new algorithm for stocking, along with full support from local vendors, ensures that you’ll have a quick, simple, and worry-free experience with our parts department. For injection molding machine drives, motors, belts, bearings, and more please contact our parts department at 1-833-767-6262.

IMG_0630If the items that you need are in stock, shipping usually occurs the same day as your order. We ship by UPS unless other arrangements are requested.

  • Over $3 million spare parts are in stock in New Castle, DE
  • Items include, but are not limited to:
    • Consumable items such as filters, oil, screw tips, heater bands, etc.
    • Motors, pumps, seals, bushings, valves, electrical, and pneumatic items
  • Consignment spare parts can be stocked at your facility where appropriate
  • Competitive pricing supported through the extensive use of proprietary parts and local vendors
  • Spare parts discounts are available if you are a subscriber to our monthly newsletter
  • Full time, friendly, skilled and trained staff


Telephone: 1-833-767-6262

Tool Trials


At our facility in New Castle (Delaware), we have a showroom equipped with a range of Negri Bossi machines available for demonstration. This area is also used for tool trials, open houses, and seminars.

The AMICO system is always operational and available for viewing onsite. Thus, current and future customers visiting our showroom are able to see how this remote service system can be adapted for use in their manufacturing plant for monitoring machine vitals and production.

Please contact us by e-mail or call 1-833-767-6262 to schedule a tool trial or showroom visit.

For the Negri Bossi North America main office and sales, please click here.