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JANUS iT hybrid injection moulding machine



Dynamic • Powerful • Efficient

Features the TACTUS™ Controller
The JANUS iT Series are 5-point double toggle clamp, 300-, 360- and 450-tonne models.

JANUS iT Hybrid Injection molding machinesThe Negri Bossi JANUS iT hybrid injection molding machines allow simultaneous (overlapping) movement of functions including plasticizing screw rotation, ejection and cores during clamp travel. The injection servo valve, managed by power link technology, provides a very fast response and high precision in the injection phase achieving a standard speed of 600mm/sec.

A key target for the entire machine design is energy efficiency by utilizing hybrid technology. This includes installing the latest servo-driver and hydraulic technology with the option of electric driven clamp movements.

The injection unit features a reciprocating screw, with injection capacities from 21.2oz to 83.4oz (PS) across the machine range. JANUS iT machines are equipped as standard with:

  • TACTUS™ Touchscreen PC with Powerlink, user-friendly interface and full range of control parameters
  • Smart Flex clamping unit with generous tie bar spacing to accommodate larger molds
  • Moving platen that rides on linear bearings for excellent platen parallelism and reduced energy consumption
  • Long ejector strokes
  • Robust in-line swinging injection unit with quick release barrel change facility
  • Prepared for AMICO 4.0 wireless remote service access



JANUS iT hybrid injection moulding machine specification sheet




  • 5-point double toggle clamp
  • Euromap or SPI platen configuration
  • Chrome plated tie bars
  • Linear bearings for moving platen guidance and support
  • Powered mold height control
  • Automatic central lubrication system served by electric pump
  • Three‐stage mold closing speed profile
  • Three‐stage mold opening speed profile
  • Closed loop control of Mold closing and opening movements governed through proportional control valve
  • Digital reading of moving platen position displayed on operator interface
  • Auto-adjustment of Mold thickness and clamping force
  • Digital control and reading of cross‐head position on operator interface
  • Digital reading of clamping force displayed on operator interface
  • Two‐stage ejection speed profile
  • Ejection force control
  • Digital reading of ejector position displayed on operator interface
  • Repeated ejection with stroke and speed control
  • Ejector with overlapped movement on opening stroke
  • Ejector return signal
  • Freely-programmable multiple core pulling control


  • Injection unit with in-line hydraulic cylinder
  • Injection unit sliding on linear bearings
  • Swiveling injection unit for simple plasticizing screw removal and cleaning
  • Quick barrel change system
  • General purpose screw profile, suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic materials
  • Bimetallic barrel
  • Nitrided screw
  • Injection unit driven by two cylinders to assure perfect nozzle centering
  • Ceramic heater bands
  • Alarm threshold for set temperature range
  • Injection speed and pressure profiles
  • Switch to holding pressure triggered by screw position, hydraulic pressure or time
  • Digital reading of screw position displayed on operator interface
  • Adjustable screw rotation speed profile
  • Screw rotation delay
  • Adjustable back‐pressure profile
  • Digital reading of back‐pressure displayed on operator interface
  • Decompression before and after screw recovery
  • Intrusion molding program
  • Auto purge program
  • Stainless steel hopper


  • Single fixed displacement gear pump with powered asynchronous motor.
  • Proportional pressure valve for accumulator charge
  • Dimensioned accumulators battery
  • Injection servo valve
  • Overlapped ejector movement during opening
  • Digital reading of hydraulic circuit pressure displayed on operator interface
  • Monitoring of oil level, temperature and filter blockage
  • Oil temperature control system
  • Automatic cooling water shut-off valve
  • Oil preheating program
  • Oil filter in pump delivery and/or return circuit
  • Oil cooling heat exchanger
  • Oil gauge


  • Servo drive
  • Interlocked main switch to prevent electrical cabinet from being opened when press is energized
  • Digital control of plasticizing cylinder heating
  • Fan for air circulation in electrical cabinet
  • LED indicators on solenoid valves
  • Conforms to Euromap or UL electrical standards


  • Flow meter with adjustable independent circuits with water temperature and flow rate indication (One circuit is used for throat cooling with the remaining circuits available for mold cooling)


  • Part discharge outlet accessible on three sides
  • Sound insulated motor‐pump assembly housing
  • Anti-vibration mounting pad holes
  • Lubricating oil recovery system


  • Constructed in compliance to essential requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and subsequent amendments
  • All models CE certified by a European certification organization
  • Devices comply to European Standard EN 201 and ANSI/SPI B151.1-2007
  • Rear mold protection with double interlocking device and pump drive motor shutdown
  • Monitoring of correct operation of hydraulic and electric safety devices
  • Interlocked nozzle purge guard



  • TACTUS™ touchscreen controller with Powerlink and resistive technology (can be used with gloves)
  • 5″ Color TFT LC display with 1920×1080 resolution
  • IP54 protection
  • Unique integrated grip strip allows easy hand positioning
  • Front mounted USB socket
  • Favorites function
  • Cycle optimizer function
  • Configurable function key layout
  • Free programming capability for special cycle sequencing
  • Auto-calibration program for all input and output channels
  • Dedicated display area for viewing of main process parameters
  • Password and data input lock-out key
  • Multi-language capability
  • Hour counter
  • Perpetual clock
  • Page with press technical specifications
  • Cycle times with sequence alarm page
  • Three-stage mold closing with both speed and position adjustment
  • Two pressures during mold closing with fully adjustable mold safety feature
  • Mold pre‐feed
  • Closed mold feedback signal
  • Three-stage mold opening with both speed and position adjustment
  • Closed loop control of mold opening position
  • Cooling timer
  • Screw and mold maintenance page
  • Lubrication cycles
  • Clamping force readout
  • Multi-stroke ejector
  • Two ejection speed steps
  • Partial return stroke during repeated ejection
  • Adjustable ejector output and return pressure
  • Interlocking of ejector, air blow and core pulling
  • Closed loop speed control for injection stage
  • Closed loop pressure control for holding stage
  • 10-Stage injection speed control with selectable number of stages
  • Switching to holding pressure by time, hydraulic pressure or screw position
  • 10-Stage holding pressure control with selectable number of stages
  • Screw decompression before and after screw recovery
  • Five-stage closed loop screw rotation speed control with selectable number of stages
  • Five-stage closed loop back pressure control with selectable number of stages
  • Self‐adjusting shot weight control system
  • Speed and pressure for control for carriage movements
  • Program to automatically calculate the required shot size according to material type and part weight
  • Barrel temperature PID control
  • Self-tuning program for cylinder temperature control
  • Weekly clock to set the time the cylinder turns on and shuts off and three additional outlets
  • Quality control (20 parameters) with direct display of the last 200 cycles in graphic form
  • Production control
  • High resolution graphics for real pressures, screw speed, screw position and cavity pressure
  • Sample curve for each data item can be saved in graph
  • Set points displayed
  • Fill Index
  • Memo page
  • Interface for graphic or other types of printers
  • Alarm page showing current faults with description and instructions on how to reset
  • Real machine status (analog inputs and outputs) at time fault occurred
  • Events history with possibility to view last 200 events regarding faults, shutdowns, and changes made to parameters
  • Diagnostics page for digital inputs, analog inputs and analog outputs
  • Self‐adjusting functions for all analog inputs and outputs
  • Internal archive for 500+ molds
  • Parallel interface and USB port for printer

Free Programming
Cycle Optimizer
Energy Consumption Monitor

The JANUS iT is powered with latest technology components from renowned suppliers such as Rexroth and KEB. The benefits are extensive and offer a much greater overall efficiency. The key benefits are as follows:

  • Improved process control – reduced reject levels
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Increased oil life, improving hydraulic components reliability and reduced maintenance

These performance enhancements combine to produce a more profitable molding process. This arrangement, coupled with bespoke energy optimizing software from Negri Bossi, provides the user with reduced power consumption and a class leading energy efficiency process.

  • Energy Consumption
  • Closing
  • Injection
  • Holding
  • Electric Dosing
  • Cooling Time
  • Opening
  • Ejection
  • Accumulator

An analysis of energy consumption during the various phases of a typical molding cycle shows that the hybrid solution produces a superior result, when compared to more traditional total hydraulic power systems. The following is one example showing how the JANUS iT provides the customer with important savings in energy usage.

  • Energy Consumption hybrid / VDP
  • Energy Consumption in kWh
  • Plastic Material
  • Cycle Time
  • Shot Weight
  • Output
  • Polypropylene
  • Energy Savings


AVAILABLE OPTIONS FOR JANUS iT Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

  • Electrically driven clamp movements
  • Core Pull MP/FP
  • Air Blast MP/FP
  • Proportional Valve for Hydraulic Ejection
  • E17 Interface
  • E67 Robot Interface
  • Integrated Robot Interface
  • Special Screw (Wear Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Mixing, Barrier, Low Compression, etc.)
  • Special Barrel (Corrosion Resistant, High Wear Resistant)
  • Barrel Liner
  • Special Tip Design
  • Extended Nozzle Body
  • Additional Nozzle Zone
  • Mold Valve Gate Hydraulic
  • Mold Valve Gate Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic Shut-Off Nozzle – Pin
  • Hydraulic Shut-Off Nozzle – Bolt
  • Transformer(s)
  • Integrated Hot Runner
  • Mold Pressure Transducer Interface
  • Gas Injection Interface
  • Data Logging Interface
  • RJG Process Monitoring Interface
  • Special Paint
  • Additional Flowmeters
  • Closed Loop Feed Throat Cooling
  • 100 mm Increased Mold Height
  • Power Outlet(s)
  • Color Feed Signal
  • Photocell
  • Directional Parts Chute
  • Magnetic Platens
  • Hydraulic Mold Clamps
  • Rotary Table
  • AMICO 4.0 System Services



  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Containers
  • Household
  • Closures
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Appliance
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic & Telecomm
  • Technical Molding